Thursday, August 23, 2007

This was really fun. I took Rosy's yarn that I spun pretty fine and dyed it in the oven. I took a 9x13 cake pan and put the wet skeins of yarn in the cake pan, then sprinkled the dry Gaywool dye, 3 different colors, in lines on the wet yarn, then I baked it in the oven at 350 for about 30 min. this is what it looks like, now to wind it on the trusty ball winder than I think I am going to try and knit these
I really like the Gaywool dyes they come out really nice. This yarn is naturally Musket but the colors are really nice. I thought they might look muddy or get all mixed together. I happy with how it turned out and it was really easy.
M.J. You better get up here fast. Last Friday night we were all sitting around a nice camp fire, see how well behaved Molly B. is sitting on Brooklyn's lap. She did start talking a little smart. (notice how appalled Leah looks?) She started telling stories. You know THOSE kind of stories!!! Then she wanted beer. Oh, MJ. you know how Molly B. gets when she's had a few beers!? It wasn't very pretty, she started wanting to take a car and go out to the bars in Eau Claire no less, something about unfinished business at a bar on Water St.
I kept giving her beer trying to distract her hoping she would pass out. After about 12 beers (man that doll can drink) she finally passed out. I was so relieved, she was telling really nasty stories about your Barbie and Ken doll (if you know what I mean) Anyway, I'm thinking when you come up to do your jewerly show you might have to take Molly B. back with you, I just think she's alittle to rough to have around the girls.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wildfire is losing her baby coat. I better get a halter on her soon. She is such a show off.
Last calf of the year is always Annabells. This poor little guy almost didn't make it, John found him upside down, in a ditch, feet in the air, on one of those 95 degree very humid days. He was so week and dehydrated when we found him, he had to have been there all day. We gave him a bottle of water right away. Then a couple bottles of milk re placer, he was just to weak to suck off mom. He came around fine but it took about 3 days. Then the poor little guy got fly-strike. We washed the maggots off with Hydrogen Peroxide, sprayed him with blue coat, and because he was still recovering from his ditch ordeal we gave him a shot of LA200. This morning when I took this picture he was kicking up his heals and having the best time playing with the other calves, so I would say he is fine. I have decided to name him Lucky.
Kallie is really starting to show her stuff as a Border Collie. She is starting to understand commands now, so I think It is time to start doing some herding.
These are some of my ewes coming in for sea kelp, they love the kelp. I think I need some spots, I have no spots. Geeee, I wonder where I can get some????? After, looking at all the other blogs with the wonderful spotted sheep mine sure look boring!!! But, I still love them

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is a picture of Big Al the barn cat, doesn't Big Al look comfy for a barn cat? Notice the doll behind Big Al, This is a doll my favorite cousin gave me when I was about 6 years old. Her name is "Molly B." (I didn't name her my cousin MJ. did.) Now Molly B. has led a very nice life so far. That is all about to change, MJ hasn't been up for a visit for almost 2 years. She lived in Texas for over 20 years, she now has moved to Missouri (Hi, Mary Ellen) She says she is coming up to Wisconsin for a visit (she has been saying that for 2 years) So your probably wondering what does that have to do with Molly B. Well, I'm giving MJ until the end of Sept. to get her butt up here or the doll GETS it, and MJ you know I mean it!
Little rams in the big boys pasture.
Bob in front and Kimberwoods William with Boaz in the back
Big Bob!! He is a nice ram
Big Bob with little ram
Williams butt!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This picture is a little old but still cute. last weekend we finally got the little boys put in with the Big rams. It went really well, no fuss no muss, they didn't even cry for their mom. The Big boys just checked them out and went back to the buisness of eating. I'll have to take a picture. Yesterday we went 12 hours with out power, we had some storms blow through this last week. It was alittle nerve wraking. Some places are still without power. I feel pretty lucky to only have been out for 12 hours.
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just got our rams back from the butcher. This weekend it will be rack of lamb on the grill. YUM! Nothing says I love you like a rack of meat.
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Look, Look what I found!!!! Cupcake gift bags, are they not the cutest things? I found them at of all places the dollar tree in Menomonie, Wi. and they were 2 for( you guessed it) a $1.00. Inside you can fit a cupcakedishcloth and a bar of soap. FUN! I think I'm going to go back to the store and buy a whole bunch more. Someday soon I hope to get off this diet so I can stop obsessing over cupcakes.

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Notice anything about my wonderful size 2 addi TURBO knitting needle? Kallie has chewed up her 2nd pair of addi TURBO knitting needles. Puppies are so wonderful, aren't they? Stupid me you think I would have learned after she chewed up the first addi TURBO at least this time she left the sock on the needle. Never leave your knitting where the puppy can get at it!!!!!
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I have given Seth sheepskins to sleep on since he hasn't been feeling well and I was wondering if any of the spotted shetland people have had any hides tanned. I would love to see some. My friend who raises Jacobs has sheepskins and they are really cool looking! I would love to see a spotted Shetland sheepskin. Is there a link somewhere that has a picture? Nancy, Mary Ellen, Nancy K.? Anyone?
OK! where am I suppose to sleep? Too, much black and white, where is Stuart? My big dog Seth has been sick lately. We had to take him to the Vet. Tuesday morning. He seems to have eaten something that isn't sitting right on his guts. I sure hope he's going to be ok. He is no spring chicken. Can't eat junk like ya use to old buddy!
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Brooklyn and I were playing dress up one day and she found my wedding dress, now people please don't laugh this is circa 1973, made by my Grandma Hannah Lowry for $15.00. I was 18 years old and madly in love. I can't believe that was 34 years ago, by the way I'm still madly in love and yes with John.We got married in my parents backyard. Leah likes to make fun of our wedding picture, she shows her friends and they all have a good laugh. Someday MAYBE I will try and scan it and post it. (NOT).