Friday, February 1, 2008

I can't believe how fast the time is going!!!!! I seem to not be able to keep up. I hate change, and alot has changed on the farm. Dylan my head ram of many years has died ( with alittle help from John) He got so he couldn't walk anymore or hold his head up very well. Everyday for 3 weeks I would feed him, water him, turn him over and cover him up at night. He was always glad to see me, he would eat and drink water, he just couldn't walk anymore. It's rough getting old. I took care of him this way until it dawned on me he wasn't going to get any better. (I hate giving up on an animal that won't give up on itself. These little Shetlands are so tough and such little fighters. ) I asked John to help Dylan and end it. It was starting to get cold and I didn't think I was beening fair to him. It was the hardest thing we have had to do, he was such a nice ram. I miss him alot.