Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ok guys. I have lost my mind. I have to tell the story of the male peacock I lost last week.
Last spring a fox or coyote killed my older 2 peacock hens. I found 2 eggs and put them under a bantam hen ( silly bantams are always broody) she hatched out the eggs 2 weeks later. She mothered them like they were her own, but she must have thought they were the ugliest bantams chicks ever, but she raised them anyway. Well they grew older and realized they were different. Well one stayed put and one tended to wander, he had many problems and kept having trouble finding the shed. Many times we tried to herd him into the shed, many times no luck. Well last night we found him dead in the pasture, frozen to death in the 30 below weather didn't make it into the shed. It was so sad.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I know it's been along time since I've blogged. John is now semi-retired. (HA-HA) He has purchased another coffee shop in River Falls. We are expecting another Grand child in April, plus lambs, I bred 2 ewes to a really nice ram. Can't wait to see what we get. Brooklyn is now 5 and Britta is 2 They keep up really happy. John is still town Chairman for Rock Elm Township. Today was Caucus. He got nominated again. We are busier now than we have ever been. I've been spinning alot of wool which is really fun. I'm starting a little yarn and craft shop in Kinni Lounge in River Falls.
I lost a Peacock in the cold weather. I'm really upset about it because of what I went through to save that egg that became that peacock. I'll tell the story later.