Friday, August 17, 2007

Wildfire is losing her baby coat. I better get a halter on her soon. She is such a show off.
Last calf of the year is always Annabells. This poor little guy almost didn't make it, John found him upside down, in a ditch, feet in the air, on one of those 95 degree very humid days. He was so week and dehydrated when we found him, he had to have been there all day. We gave him a bottle of water right away. Then a couple bottles of milk re placer, he was just to weak to suck off mom. He came around fine but it took about 3 days. Then the poor little guy got fly-strike. We washed the maggots off with Hydrogen Peroxide, sprayed him with blue coat, and because he was still recovering from his ditch ordeal we gave him a shot of LA200. This morning when I took this picture he was kicking up his heals and having the best time playing with the other calves, so I would say he is fine. I have decided to name him Lucky.
Kallie is really starting to show her stuff as a Border Collie. She is starting to understand commands now, so I think It is time to start doing some herding.
These are some of my ewes coming in for sea kelp, they love the kelp. I think I need some spots, I have no spots. Geeee, I wonder where I can get some????? After, looking at all the other blogs with the wonderful spotted sheep mine sure look boring!!! But, I still love them


bopeep said...

Great photos Jane,
I'm so glad you saved lucky. I have a barn cat that looks like that....his name is Mr Kitty....he lives in the house too.
Do you have a lot of sheep? That barn looks pretty full.
Hope it's cool up there. See you soon.

Nancy K. said...

Those calves are gorgeous! I suppose you raise as nice of cattle as you do sheep.....

Ya know, some of my very best spotted sheep are descendants of Highland Hollow Alice. She may not throw them , directly, but her babies have given me lots of flash! Besides, what you have in conformation and fleece MORE than makes up for markings.

shepherdchik said...

Don't feel too bad. I still don't have spots either! congrats on darling.