Thursday, August 23, 2007

M.J. You better get up here fast. Last Friday night we were all sitting around a nice camp fire, see how well behaved Molly B. is sitting on Brooklyn's lap. She did start talking a little smart. (notice how appalled Leah looks?) She started telling stories. You know THOSE kind of stories!!! Then she wanted beer. Oh, MJ. you know how Molly B. gets when she's had a few beers!? It wasn't very pretty, she started wanting to take a car and go out to the bars in Eau Claire no less, something about unfinished business at a bar on Water St.
I kept giving her beer trying to distract her hoping she would pass out. After about 12 beers (man that doll can drink) she finally passed out. I was so relieved, she was telling really nasty stories about your Barbie and Ken doll (if you know what I mean) Anyway, I'm thinking when you come up to do your jewerly show you might have to take Molly B. back with you, I just think she's alittle to rough to have around the girls.

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