Thursday, August 2, 2007

I have given Seth sheepskins to sleep on since he hasn't been feeling well and I was wondering if any of the spotted shetland people have had any hides tanned. I would love to see some. My friend who raises Jacobs has sheepskins and they are really cool looking! I would love to see a spotted Shetland sheepskin. Is there a link somewhere that has a picture? Nancy, Mary Ellen, Nancy K.? Anyone?


bopeep said...

not me, mine are all pet sheep.
Love the little girl dress up...and I hope seth is going to do OK....I have a photo of my 80 year old mother playing dress up in her old wedding gown....where do you and John sleep? the RV?

Gail V said...

Hi Jane,
you may have given me the encouragement I need to send my spotted black and white flecket wether to the butcher-- I chickened out today when we took in one ram--
so Cowboy's day could still come. Reason? Too many non-productive mouths to feed.
We had 2 yearling rams processed last month and salted the hides in the heat-- they dried up in record time because of it, I swear! And I shipped 'em to Bucks County tanners in PA. They were black iset and brown sheepskins, and it's my first time doing this. But hmmm, Cowboy's flecket hide would be fetching. ..
I hope you and John & family are aall well. Hope to see you at Jefferson.