Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I found my camera. yipee! I thought I lost it for good.
This poor girl is going for meat. She is about 4yrs. old. Her name is Arwen. Last year she had
a still born calf. It was so sad. This year she aborted her calf, which was very sad. She is such a friendly cow but we decided that she would have to go. Cattle eat alot of hay and pasture. We haven't had enough rain and are so dry right now it isn't even funny it is getting down right scary. She is going to go for hamburger and steaks and other misc. cuts of meat. We also decided to have her skull boiled out as she has interesting horns. I know it sounds harsh but this is how we farm.
This little guy is a pretty lucky fellow. He was born late last summer. He is getting delivered to Morning Glory Farm to be a herd bull. Lucky guy.
And finally, these two rams are going to be butchered for meat for us and to sell. The front ram has a bad horn, and the back ram I just don't like. I think they will both be really good on a plate. I am saving the skull of the back ram, he has nice horns. I don't think I'm going to mess with the skins this year. It is to hot out right now to be salting hides. I hate this hot spell we are having here.
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I really like this post. It gives great insight to the reasoning behind farm life and it's sometimes hard realities.