Friday, September 21, 2007

We had a really fun time at Jefferson, hanging with some really cool sheep people. Mary Ellen showed some of her little sheep. I showed some sheep wool, and Nancy and Jerome of Sheepy Hollow fame have the nicest shop on wheels. I bought a nice pattern book from Jerome (even though he likes to yell at me) and am working on a sweater for Britta. It is a really fun pattern. It's the Rambling rows jacket. Nancy had one knitted up that looked so cute. Had to have it.
Motor homing is always alot of fun with these guys. Nancy has the nicest Daughter-in-law and the best Grandkids. Her granddaughter really can handle sheep in the ring. Really nice family!
Next year should really be a Great Show MSSBA
will be hosting the NASSA AGM. It should be fun to see all the cool sheep and people.

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