Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Can you believe it's already Sept. School started this week, something I didn't have to think about in many years. But, now Brooklyn has started 4 year old Kindergarten. can you believe they have 4 year old Kindergarten???? I still think 4 year olds still need to be home and with their Mom's. But what do you do?!? If they don't go then they are behind all the other real Kindergartners next year. So yesterday the bus came and took Brooklyn to school. John went to work late so he could drive her to the bus stop in our Cub cadet. I do have pictures but forgot my camera today (again). We have a Friday night tradition. We all pile in the Cub Cadet and go 4 wheeling in the woods, Brooklyn loves it, it is her favorite thing to do, So she asked if Grandpa would give her a ride to the but stop her first day, so he did, it was fun. But, it was sad to see a little girl get on the BIG bus. She said she likes school alot. I hope it stays that way.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I know it's too late (well, not REALLY; you could pull her out), but she wouldn't be behind next year if you worked with her at home. A friend of mine who is an early-elementary teacher (kindergarten is her favorite) has been telling me what my five-year-old needs to be doing so I can keep up with everything at home. I want to homeschool, but my husband is unsure. For now, though, we are in agreement that keeping him at home is best.