Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't find my camera. I'm mad.
Poor Peeps is MIA. Pedator must have gotten him. He has been missing since yesterday morning. I think he is really gone this time. I think it is harder for a mom to protect only one chick instead of a whole batch. Safety in numbers and all that stuff. Over the years I have been making an observation about chickens and peafowl. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this , or maybe I'm the only wack job that counts eggs and break non hatching eggs. Anyway, my observation is that in every nest there is one egg that does not hatch. After the mom and chicks leave the nest I always look and notice that there is one egg that doesn't hatch, I break the egg and it is just an egg, no dead chick or forming chick, it isn't even rotten or smelly. Now I ask you how can that be? I have pondered this for years. My thinking is that it is natures way of having the mom stay on the nest an extra day to give the chicks a better chance. If anyone knows why this is can they let me know? Please.

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bopeep said...

Fascinating....I don't know either....but fascinating.