Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today is Wednesday and I forgot my camera again. So I'm posting a picture of some mittens I spun, kool-aid dyed, and knit last year.
I only work 3 days a week (Nice). Leah came home Friday and said she quit her JOB!!!! for those of you that don't know this, my wonderful daughter, her husband, thier daughter Brooklyn (4) and baby Britta (6 months) all live with John and I. They came to us and asked if they could live with us until her student loans were paid off. That was 3 years ago. Now, I know John and I can be alot of fun but I don't think these guys want to move out. We do charge them rent, don't think they are living with us for nothing and they help us and do chores so we can go on vacations. I think they are alittle worried about Brooklyn leaving the farm. She loves the sheep. She has started her own flock of Shetlands. Her sheep are Black Star, Gloria, and Lovey. Brooklyn can tell you all about sheep, she loves to give farm tours. Anyway, back to Leah quitting her job. I'm glad she did, she had the worst hours I've ever seen. There is no way she could have any kind of family life, and I believe is was really starting to affect Brooklyn. So we will see how it goes.

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