Thursday, June 21, 2007

John says I have way to many sheep. (I think he needs to talk to Mary Ellen.)

This is Opal. She is a very nice ewe that usually always has ewe lambs. She is quiet and well mannered. I am keeping 3 of her ewe lambs one from last year and two from this year, she always out does herself and has lambs that are good quality with wonderful wool.

I am keeping 5 ewe lambs this year so 5 adults have to go. I've sold 2 so I have to come up with 3 more. I have decided on Opal only because I'm keeping 3 of her daughters. I have to come up with 2 more. It's really hard to decide. Opal is for sale for $250.00.


bopeep said...

My goodness, I think I have Opal's twin....her name is dutchess....and she is out of Opal related to donna?

Gail V said...

Hi Jane,
I find myself tempted by another HH white ewe. That HH Bluebell I have is my best big white sheep-- who gave me two gray rams this year. One seems to have scurs. Do you have scurs or polled anywhere else in your flock? I am researching this now. . . I want to have as many lambs as possible with Bluebell's double thick fleece. I had considered asking you for a ram who does. . .
hmmm... a white ewe. Does she have that double thick fleece?
Gail Von Bargen in MN,
p.s. I have a blog on Blogger at Little Red Oak Farm

Highland Hollow said...

I will check, but I bet they are. Is dutchess double-coated?